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THANK YOU to our deployed troops and families at dozens of US Military Bases around the world, who have given me the privilege to perform for your communities in Japan, Korea, Guam, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Greece!
2010 best Solo Award 2007 2004 2003 2001 1999
2010 APCA Award
2007 APCA Award
2004 APCA Award
2003 APCA Award
2001 APCA Award
1999 APCA Award
The Travelin' Max Show has become a tradition on campuses from coast to coast. The show has appeared at hundreds of colleges from traditional universities & technical institutions, to commuter schools & community colleges. My versatile act has been staged in every imaginable setting... concert venues, theaters, cafeterias, quads, athletic fields, pool side, one time even on ice in the school rink. This is the perfect choice for all your Motivational and Ice Breaker activities like:
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Travelin Max playing with audience

  • Theme and Holiday Parties
  • Alumni and Class Reunions
  • Pre-Final Exam and Stress Relief Activities
  • Nooners and Caf Events
  • Overnighters
  • Club and Career Fairs
  • Fundraising Events
  • Virtually Everything!!!

  • **Orientation
  • Spring Fling
  • Family & Siblings Events (My show’s always 100% clean!)
  • Senior Week
  • Homecoming
  • School Spirit Events
  • Carnival
  • Concerts
It's also ideal when you need an emcee for multiple act events, like a campus music festival or a student talent show. I will fill the otherwise dead space between acts seamlessly, while keeping the audience engaged during equipment and set changes!

** Orientation is one of the most popular events for this show, and the June – September College Orientation season starts filling dates over a year in advance. The earlier you book, the better chance of reserving your school’s specific date or dates.

Mac and group

For your convenience, the show can be completely self-contained. Excellent sound systems are available to rent for a nominal fee – call for information.


As a student programmer, you need a program that will be successful and easy to put on. I will do whatever it takes to insure the success of your event. I'll provide posters, table tents, photographs, biographies, and press releases prior to the performance date. On the day of the performance, I'll do "teasers" and publicity events whenever possible.

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