The Travelin’ Max Show...
* Develops a Welcoming Sense of Community on Campus
* Facilitates New Student Connections
* Is the Ultimate Ice Breaker Program!

For over 25 years I’ve been delivering my Super-High-Energy-Ice-Breaker Program to College Orientations across America! Through my unique Live Music Audience Participation Theme Show, I provide an immediate ice-breaking experience that involves all First Year Students! My program is a great step toward developing a strong sense of community and school spirit among newly arriving undergrads....and students who feel unity with their new class, are much more likely to be retained and finish in four!

How do I do it?

I Give Away Tons Of Free Stuff!!!

...Hats, Maracas, Leis, T-Shirts, Twinkies, Ramen Noodles and Even Cash Prizes!
...Having presented The Travelin’ Max Show thousands of times on hundreds of college campuses, I find there’s no better way to melt the ice than by giving an entire group of strangers some goofy hats to wear and fun maracas to shake. Even the shyest or “coolest” new student can’t seem to resist the absurdity of chanting Day-O while playing maracas in unison with their new friends!

I Engage Your Orientation Leaders

...O.L.s LOVE working with The Travelin’ Max Show! They get to cut loose and participate along with the incoming class. I harness the Orientation Leaders’ inherent collective energy to show First Year Students that it’s awesome to get involved, as they join the upperclassmen in having fun, making connections, and creating friendships!

I Host Ridiculous And Ridiculously Fun Team-Building Challenges

...where strangers instantly become friends as they work together to accomplish a ludicrous task! This is always the most photographed portion of my show.

I Use The Most Classic Of Classic Music

...My Girl, Day-O, Hot! Hot! Hot!, Lean On Me, Shout, etc... everybody is familiar with at least the chorus section of these ageless songs, so everybody feels included and nobody gets left out!

The Show Is Entirely Clean And PC no worries about awkward moments or if parents and sibs are in attendance. Performance activities are sensitive to the abilities, identities and comfort levels of all in attendance. Everybody is included, and everybody feels welcome at The Travelin’ Max Show!

Book Early! Orientation Dates Fill Up Quickly

...and schools remain loyal to hosting this show annually, so they’ll often reserve dates up to a year in advance.

Nowhere else will you find a live music show so specifically suited for First Year Experience Student Orientations Events:

* Summer Orientation
* Fall Orientation
* Overnight Orientation
* Parent / Family Attended Orientation


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