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Although my show has become primarily known as a Beach Party/Luau, you might be surprised to know that I've played hundreds of events over the years with many different themes.

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I can completely customize my performance, costume and giveaways to fit most any theme!

Jounral coverFor instance... Let's say your event features a patriotic theme. I'll perform in a spectacular Uncle Sam costume. I'll supply your audience with red, white and blue maracas, hats and beads along with American flags. Naturally, I'd include a bunch of American themed songs to compliment the summertime-beach-party songs that are a staple of my set. Like everything at my show it'll be way over the top!

Italian Theme Night
Have a big pasta dinner event? Fantastico! I have a passion for all things Italian! Over many years and plenty of trips to visit family in Italy, I've learned the language and picked up lots of authentic Italian and Italian movie inspired songs that will instantly transport your audience to the Old Country!!

Mardi Gras
XmasDecember Holidays
(How’s that for politically correct)? - I know tons of holiday songs that everyone can enjoy… everyone! Giveaways might include: snowman maracas, white leis, and Santa hats.
XmasSummer Camp!
This fast paced theme show features lots and lots of competitions, camp style singalongs and even an electric fire for all to gather 'round! -An exceptional choice for team building events!! (Brunello the awesome dog optional. Cost: One box of Milk Bones).

alien Sports –  Name your game of choice and I’ll create a party around it!   Decades/ Nostalgia:
50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s
LBeach Party/uauBeach Party/ Luau
(but you already knew that).

Mardi Gras
February or not, as far as I’m concerned, this colorful extravaganza is always in season! Giveaways might include: any combination of purple, gold and green maracas, leis and hats.

Mardi Gras

Yeah, yeah, I know.... Aargh! This is actually not too far off from a beach party....and it is definitely my absolute favorite!




Hollywood Oscar statue prizes, black and glittering silver tinseled maracas, feather boas, top hats… and me in the most ridiculous rhinestone tuxedo… talk about an over the top theme!


Formals (and more formal events) That's right. I can and have done this show dozens of times in a straight ahead classic tux. No matter how formal the affair, itll always feel a little bit looser with my show!



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