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APCA College Entertainer of the Year 2024

The Travelin' Max Show has become a tradition on campuses across America... and for some long-time loyal host schools, it's been deemed an undergraduate rite of passage!!

It's also ideal when you need an emcee for multiple act events, like a campus music festival or a student talent show. I will fill the otherwise dead space between acts seamlessly, while keeping the audience engaged during equipment and set changes!

Four Time Winner of the APCA Entertainer of the Year Award.

As a student programmer, you need a program that will be successful and easy to put on. I will do whatever it takes to insure the success of your event. I'll provide posters, table tents, photographs, biographies, and press releases prior to the performance date. On the day of the performance, I'll do ``teasers`` and publicity events whenever possible.

The show has appeared thousands of times at all types of institutions: Large Traditional Universities, Community Colleges, Technical Schools, Satellite Campuses, and Religious Universities (always 100% clean).

For your convenience, the show can be completely self-contained. Excellent sound systems are available to rent for a nominal fee – call for information.

Any Venue

My versatile act has been staged in every imaginable setting: Concert Venues, Theaters, Cafeterias, Quads, Athletic Fields, Pool Side, one time even on ice in the school rink. This is the perfect choice for all your COMMUNITY BUILDING, STUDENT RETENTION and ICE BREAKER activities!

  • **Orientation
  • Spring Fling
  • First Year Experience Events
  • Family & Siblings Events (My show’s always 100% clean!)
  • Student Retention Events
  • Senior Week
  • Homecoming
  • School Spirit Events
  • Carnival
  • Concerts
  • Theme and Holiday Parties
  • Alumni and Class Reunions
  • Pre-Final Exam and Stress Relief Activities
  • Nooners and Caf Events
  • Overnighters
  • Club and Career Fairs
  • Fundraising Events
  • Virtually Everything!!!

What Are They Saying?

Still need more convincing? Just check out these reviews!

“He really got everyone in the right mood for the event. He was super easy to work with. He was entertaining, energetic and our event wouldn’t have been the same without him. Our school absolutely loved him!”

University of Evansville (IL)

“This was a huge hit on our campus and the students loved every minute of it! They’re anxious to have him back. He’s an outstanding guy with an exceptional show.”

Tennessee Wesleyan College (TN)

“His passion for what he does is truly evident in his show. We couldn’t have asked for a cleaner, more energetic performance. This is definitely one of the best activities we’ve done here.”

Friends University (KS)

“…Endless fun and excitement! One of the funniest!”

Cumberland College (KY)

“He’s a phenomenal performer, motivator and entertainer. The students were energized and involved with the show from the first few notes of his opening song.”

Ithaca College (NY) Ithaca College has hosted the show for over eleven years; One – Two times per year. Events include: Community Plunge (freshmen event) and Senior Week.

“Max is one of the most versatile and audience charming acts we have ever seen. Outstanding person to work with. I can’t say enough. HIRE HIM! YOU WON’T BE SORRY!!”

University of Maine at Machias (ME) U.M.M. has hosted the show for over fourteen years for various events.

“He’s a hit every time he comes here. He’s become a tradition and he’s a great, clean, exciting and crowd-pleasing act. He adapts to our event themes to make sure the crowd gets involved.”

Lamar University – Beaumont (TX) Lamar U. has hosted the show for over nine years for their Open House event (a display of university offerings for prospective high school seniors and their families).

“A couple from (the Freshmen/Parent Orientation Event was) overwhelmed with gratitude when they saw their son on stage actually participating in your show. He has social anxiety disorder, so new social settings are intimidating and cause him to become anxious. The dad was especially touched and rushed right over to point out his son to me; it was really incredible. I’m a social worker so I know how amazing it is that he was on stage and even participating. I don't know if you often learn of the impact your show has on the audience.”

Lock Haven University (PA) L.H.U. has hosted the show for over 20 years; Four – six times per year for their Summer Freshmen Orientation Events.

“His outstanding interaction with his audience truly sets him apart from other entertainers. If a school hasn’t had him perform yet, they should book him now!”

Fairfield University (CT) Fairfield U. has hosted the show for over 17 years; Two - four times per year. Events include: Summer Freshmen Orientation, and various mid-year events.

“WMU loves Max! He is a Bronco Days tradition and I can’t imagine starting the year without him. (He’s) absolutely fantastic!”

Western Michigan University (MI) W.M.U. has hosted the show for over ten years; One – Two times per year. Events include: “Bronco Days” (freshmen event), Spring Fling and various other events.

“Once again, he wowed the audience. He’s able to adapt to any situation and pull together a great crowd in a festival atmosphere. This was one of the most successful events of the semester and was largely due to Max’s ability to engage the audience. Students were asking when he would be coming back before the show was even over.”

Cornell University (NY) Cornell U. has hosted the show for over five years for their “Chilled Utopia” Pre-Finals event.

"THANK YOU for such a great performance! Carol (Booking Agent - Everything But The Mime) sure knows what she's talking about - you were a PERFECT addition to our event. The students had a blast!" -also- "Travelin' Max was AWESOME. I thoroughly enjoyed him as a person and really enjoyed his performance. His liveliness was infectious. Travelin' Max was a crowd favorite with the students and the staff!"

Old Dominion University (VA)

He was just what we needed to get our 1980’s reunion going. Even the college’s president and her husband were inspired to dance.

Worcester State College (MA) W.S.C. has hosted the show for over fourteen years; Two – four times per year. Events include: Freshmen Orientation, Senior Week, various Alumni Events, Homecoming, and various other events.

“The Travelin’ Max Show is simply great! Our students love him! He always does a super high-energy show and gets a great deal of audience participation. He’s become a tradition here.”

Worcester State College (MA)

He was absolutely wonderful to work with and the families had a blast!"

University of Florida U of F has hosted the show for over three years; Two times per year for their famous Gator Night events.

Max was by far one of our favorite events. He worked with the student body and made the energy level of the audience rise to a level I didnt think we would ever see. Most importantly he was very nice and extremely cooperative with me and my staff (that made my job much easier!!). Thanks for allowing us to enjoy such a wonderful show!

University of North Carolina - Charlotte

He was absolutely amazing as I would only expect him to be. I think this was the best show here in a long time... the crowd just would not leave because he was keeping them going the entire night. We always love to have Max come here, and he has become part of our midnight breakfast tradition. You know he's become a legend at EKU!!!"

Eastern Kentucky University (KY) EKU has hosted the show for over four years; Two times per year for their Midnight Breakfast events.

Max really shined. He worked hard to get their attention, formed a conga line, had a group of singers on stage, had contests and helped an awful lot of students have a very good time. I think that there is no one who works any harder at having fun than Travelin Max! He really did great!"

Saint Louis Community College STLCC has hosted the show for over six years for various events.

You should have seen last night!!!!! It was fantastic!!!! Max was wonderful. Our students, and lots of them had a great time. They were dancing all over the arena!

University of Tennessee – Martin (TN)

“He’s great getting people to interact, and it really breaks the ice with freshmen. He’s been here more times than I can recall, and his show is a hit each time.”

University of Tennessee – Martin (TN) U.T.-Martin has hosted the show for over nine years; Two – four times per year. Events include: Summer Orientation and Welcome Week Community Picnic.

"What a great event we had last night! Everyone just LOVED Max! He had all the students really captivated and involved, as always. I heard compliments from our Vice President on down to the students. As a programmer, I just love working with Max because he is so easy going and wonderful to work with. I hope he had as much fun as we did!"

University of West Georgia (GA)